Last update 20th. May 2004


News about future of CPPIH

Have you seen the front page of the Times today? Jill Sherman Whitehall Editor says the Sec.of S. Health, John Reid is to annouce the axing of thousands of jobs and quangos, listing some including the CPPIH!! Who has inside connections to see how true this is? I had always said this was still another window dressing initiative from the DoH, and the fact that so much general obfuscation, lack of continuity, poor support mechanisms etc.have done much to prevent we volunteer workers from getting out into the field and 'getting on with it' has made many of us wonder if we were expected to have any 'teeth' at all...

We have a new member of our Forum who is currently employed by another FSO, (our money?) and knowing how poorly served many of those Forums feel, it seems strange that this person can spare the time (a whole morning) to attend one of our meetings, when presumably he should be working for the FSO which employs him? Is this strange or what?

If the DoH decides to close the CPPIH (seems odd less than a year) although most of us would probably make better use of the £30+ million given to set it up, certainly the personnel could be better chosen and organised (sorry, human resources) don't you think we might prove that we forum soldiers can still do the job and ultimately EARN a decent grant? With no CHCs nor PPIFs where is the accountability for the treatment of all of us public patients?

Any useful update on today's news strand would be appreciated. Great website by the way.

Veronica Brinton

UCLH PPI Forum member

20 May 2004