Last update 15th. May 2004


Re.:Top down practice

Hilary - thankyou.

At my second forum meeting in Haringey, I had sensed these trends but did not have enough conclusive evidence, so, I had guardedly cautioned against "PATIENTS AND PUBLIC" seeing us as central government's fig leaf (-minuted) which I repeated at my first Euston Regional Office Welcome meeting.

Unfortunately, we at NMUHPPIF are still collectively unknown to the patients and public we are supposed to be serving - and, I had been appointed since November last year.

Our first PPI Forum Chairman resigned during last month's meeting amidst considerable acrimony due to top down with local conflicts about purposes, latent interests, priorities/setting agenda, marriages and directions - after I had left for another meeting.

My local NHS services delivery concerns are MRSA, CANCERS - particularly continuing male cancers treatment underfunding and poor central government attention, MAN-MADE viruses/mycoplasma victims, and, errors of omission and commission victims.

I also notice a poor sense of cost-consciousness: costs are never mentioned - deliberately outside our remit!

Please wish us well.

Seton During

The North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust PPI Forum(-for Enfield & Haringey)