Last update 28th. May 2004


What the Chief Executive should have written to the patient who complained his nurse didn't use gloves to take his blood.

Dear Mr Redmile-Gordon

First I want to apologise for the blood sample that was incorrectly taken by my staff. We are glad no injury resulted to you and assure you any further attendances at the Trust will be to proper NHS Standards.

Second the necessary disciplinary action has been taken with the nurse in this case and a first written warning given. Additionally a verbal warning to the supervising line manager was given requiring better instruction in future.

It has been a problem in this hospital to enforce compliance with Universal Precautions but thanks to improving management, your vigilance and others like you we are now seeing improvement.

It is my practice to walk through the hospital from time to time inspecting facilities. If you would like to accompany me on one of these inspections we would be happy to offer you lunch.

Should you wish my secretary will make an appointment for a mutually convenient time.

Many thanks for your help.

Yours etc

28 May 2004

What was actually written.