Last update 16th. July 2004


Tall Trees complaint dismissed

PPIFO has received a disturbing message from Paul Tovey, Deputy Chair of the Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust PPI.

Paul complains that mystery allegations that he distressed patients at the Mental Health Centre "Tall Trees" he defended from closure were accepted by a Commission "enquiry" as unfounded.

Paul though who suffers from a condition of mental fragility found the process Kafka-esque and "crazing" since no evidence was offered he could examine and defend himself against. He suggests an open mediation format for those with grievance against PPI members - rather than the current model which is conflict orientated.

Like others Paul has found answers have not been provided by the Trust within the statutory 20 day limit neither has his Forum been supplied with an easily accessible local office in Birmingham.

Paul like so many other Forum members volunteers his time and energy for others with health problems but his latest experiences of the Commission have lacked sensitivity and credible transparency.

With the role of both CPPIH and the FSO's due for review by the end of July we would welcome other examples of problems. We have suggested that Paul inform his Local OSC, who will certainly be interested in recent events.