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PIFFO Briefings

18 months with a broken hip

20,000 NHS Hospital job cuts forecast

40,000 errors 36 deaths due to medication errors

£50 billion: Where does all the money go?

20% to 30% of patients receive contraindicated care

45% of Children in Care have mental health problems

5000 die from Hospital acquired infection a year- NHS not sure

A Matter of Life and Death

A National Association of Patient and Public Involvement Forums

A Safer Place for Patients: Learning to improve patient safety

A Third or more of GP patients can't book in advance

Accenture: NHS failure is "track record for success"

Accident statistics unbelievable

Adverse drug reactions account for one in 16 hospital admissions

Age at death comes into focus

Albu: Patients vulnerable to blackmail

Allergies are increasing in Britain

All London Forum?

All Party Parliamentary Group on PPI: ring fence for independence

All Party group on Patient Public Involvement in Health

Are Forum members signing their accounts?

Are NPfIT costs real? Public Accounts Committee challenges Secrecy

Arthritis care inadequate

Assisted dying for the terminally ill

Barnet PF looks at Trust Books

Bavaria launches patient-controlled health records

Best practice to change for Brain injury

Better pay deal for cleaners, porters and caterers but...

Black Health Agency responds to the Consultation Exercise

"Blundering Hospitals kill 40,000 a year"

BMA debates euthanasia

BMA votes to reverse policy on euthanasia

British delays keep new drugs from cancer patients

Bullying is widespread within the UK's National Health Service

"Bullying, knives and psychosis"

Call for no consent Euthanasia

Call for Patients to own their records

Camden & Islington Mental HT PPIF: CIDA to clarify

Camden and Islington Mental HT claim privacy breached by Forum inspection

Cancer cases will treble by 2025- NHS to go bankrupt

Cancer radiotherapy and benefits

Cancer treatment inequality kills 17,500 yearly

Capacity Planning comes under scrutiny

Catalogue of abuse in NHS care homes

Children grow fatter as experts dither

Chief Exec Sir Nigel Crisp goes

Chief Medical Officer calls on NHS to eradicate waste

Chief Medical Officer highlights Medication Errors and Adverse Incident Reporting

Choose and Book in Barnet

Choosing healthy embryos

Choosing Health?

Clostridium difficile kills 934

Commercial expertise in NHS could reduce private sector demand

Commision for Healthcare to take over from CPPIH?

Commission for Social Care Inspection finds medication standards flouted

Concern about NPfIT "Connecting for Health" mounting


CPPIH Area Meeting at York: Minister to speak around July 19th?

CPPIH cloak and dagger

CPPIH Consultation exercise on future Forum organisation

CPPIH does not have the power to ban Patient Forum work

CPPIH publish discussion paper on future

CPPIH resists call for an Independent Enquiry

CPPIH shutdown by December?

CPPIH to go- from Health Secretary John Reid

CPPIH to go?

CPPIH written evidence to Commons Health Committee on NHS deficits

Crisis at Good Hope obscures health policy failings

Direct Patient reporting trial of Adverse Drug Reactions

Doctors as patients

Doctors "not reporting errors"

Does NHS need ISO 9000?

Doubts about flu vaccine

Drug access for 11 year olds

East Birmingham PF announcing Public Enquiry

Elderly at risk in nursing homes

Enright recommends Isolation for MRSA victims

Ethical Death

Euthanasia: a first authoritative study

Euthanasia-Living wills and Advance Directives

Extra billions for NHS largely wasted

Final Report of the Association of Community Health Councils for England and Wales

First witnesses called to HC PPI Inquiry

Forum Regulations

Forum Support Organisation (FSO) performance continues to be unsatisfactory

Forums highly critical of support - Blair presses reform

Forums to go. New powers for patients with Local Involvement Networks?

Forums to merge

Forums will stay

Fraud in the NHS

FSO contracts ineffectively enforced by CPPIH

GPs resist Patient Choose and Book (CaB) for appointments

GP surgeries must be open evenings and weekends

Have you been in conflict with CPPIH?

Health after Blair

Health Committee agrees PPI Inquiry terms of reference

Health Committee PPI Inquiry: Evidence

Health Committee PPI Inquiry: Some submissions

<Health Committee PPI report

Health Minister can compel if LINk access denied

Healthcare Commission 2005 NHS performance

Healthcare Commission annual healthcheck results

Healthcare Commission First Annual Report

Healthcare Commission swamped with complaints

Healthcare Commission urges quality controls in A&E

Healthcare Commission wants Trusts to review maternity services

Healthcare, Patient risk and IT

Hewitt: "inefficiency and poor financial management" not acceptable

Home access to NHS records plan

Hospital Aquired Infection briefing

Hospital Cleaning Methods obsolete

Hospital starved our grandmother to death, family tells inquest

Hospitals could face MRSA charges

How is your PPIF progressing?

"Huge mistakes in PFI hospital building", NHS executives claim

Iatrogenic disease

ICAS witholds information and Forums write to Secretary of State

I'd like to see my doctor

In hospital one in 10 catches infection

In the news: MMR vaccine, Cannabis for MS, Tonsils and adenoids

Intel, Healthcare and the Royal Society

Intensive care deaths blamed on Consultant inactivity

Isolation of MRSA victims not beneficial

Janet Albu

Janet Albu at London Region CPPIH

Justice for Patient Forum volunteers

Kafka-esque investigation by CPPIH

Keep Challenging!

Kennedy urged proper protection for whistleblowers

Laundered overalls for Doctors called for at BMA Conference

Ken Livingston supports transitional funding for Patient Forums

Leading Hospital Safety Expert reports on his coronary bypass

Learning from Mistakes

Legal victory could open MRSA claim floodgates

Lethal hospital Infection rocket

Leslie Ash to sue Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

LINks Bulletin Issue 1 March 2007

Listening to patient voices

Little capacity to scrutinize the NHS

Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill

Local Government and Public Involvement Bill second reading

London Ambulance Forum reports CPPIH and support organisation failure

London Ambulance PF calls for all England Forum

London Ambulance Service PF to consider control of its budget

London Forum Consultation

London Forum requests nominees

London PF Working Group requests comments

London Regional Election results

Malcolm Alexander writes to Private Eye

Malnutrition a major NHS problem

Manchester Patient Forums set up Hotline and go on Bugwatch: A model for us all?

Medical education fails to prepare new doctors

Medical errors are leading cause of U.S. hospital deaths

Medical Ethics" Religious Dogma Overrides Equal Treatment

Medical Nemesis" The Expropriation of Health

Mental Health and nutrition

Mental Health in the mainstream

Mental Health Services scrutinised by Healthcare Commission

Mental Healthcare unsafe

Michael English says PPIFs may be emasculated

Migrant Healthcare

Millions for NHS pay, but little for beds and operations

Mind claims one in five mental patients assaulted

Monitoring age at death can produce dramatic improvements

MRSA dissappears after twelve months

NAO reports on Connecting for Health delays

National Association of Patient Forums to replace CPPIH?

National Audit Office attacks Consultant productivity

National Clinical Assessment Authority

National Forum draft schedule and role

National Forum Elected

National PPI Convention 2005

National homes swindle: A growing scandal

New Chief Exec for CPPIH

New consultant contract has no benefit for patients

New Mental Health Laws

New York proposes ban on trans fats

NHS Cancer intitiative fails

NHS Chief Exec Annual Report but in the real world...

NHS chief criticises trusts for running up £250m deficit

NHS Clinical Governance

NHS fails Allergy sufferers

NHS fights infection too little too late

NHS hospital patients 40 times more likely to catch MRSA than in Europe

NHS IT: Choose and Book (CaB)

NHS lottery blamed for 5000 deaths

NHS National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA)

NHS patient survey 2004

NHS Plans for Child Healthcare

NHS productivity rate 'falling'

NHS redress bill and Forum Statutory powers

NHS Staff 'Do Not Want to Be Treated in Their Hospitals'

NHS Trust Management failure persists

NHS waiting lists can be eliminated

NICE challenged on dementia drug ruling

No blanket for "frozen" patient

No criminal liability for dirty hospital managers

No time to train surgeons

Not washing hands kills more than drunk driving

Nurses fume, Hewitt fiddles, Patients die but we don't know why

Nutrition in care Homes under fire

ODPM Final report on Mental Health and Social Exclusion

One in seven GP surgeries fail minimum standards

One in 15 Doctors could be abusing alcohol or drugs

One in 11 patients acquire an Infection in Hospital

Our health, our care, our say

Pan-London Forum Working Group formed

Panorama: NHS care swindle

Panorama: Undercover Hospital Cleaner

Panorama: Undercover Nurse

Parliamentry Questions on PF Recruitment

Patient Choice and Mental Health

"Patient forums could be on way out"

Patient Forum changes "will fail"

Patient Forum excellence

Patient Perspectives on Change: Safety and Justice

Patient Record Conference

Patient Safety moves up the agenda

Patient Safety: CPPIH hosts workshop

Patient Safety: The Agency responds

Patients Association Clean Hospitals Summit

Patients view their GP records at home over web

Patients' Records critical to risk reduced NHS

People 'face suicide risk when pleas go unheard'

Pickering calls for an Independent Medical Inspectorate

Pledge to end NHS elderly abuse

Police say 25% of all offences in Local Hospital

POPS in human blood studied by Co-op Bank and WWF

PPI Forum Monitor magazine announces their Conference

PPI Review Expert Panel

PPI Prize for Unsung NHS Heroes

PPI reforms threat to rural communities

PPIF - Working Together

PPIF Official Knowledge Management System

PPIFs should represent working people

Preventable Deep Vein Thrombosis kills 60,000 per year in NHS?

Private Sector moves in to manage GPs

Professional Activity

Primary Care Trusts to be halved

Quality measures for Primary Care Trusts

Queen's Speech

Rayner's 100 days to clean the NHS

Redesigning the broken processes in the Health Service

Redmile-Gordon and the rubber gloves

Re-examining the Roles of CPPIH and Forum Support Organisations

Referral Mangement investigated by Channel 4 news

"Reinventing the NHS" Harriet Sergeant recommends

Report safety problems to NPSA Freephone 0800 0152536

Results, not excuses

Rights of Inspection and visits: Do councils want LINks?

Row erupts over secret filming of hospital filth

Salt, Fat and Obesity

Scrap mobile phone ban plea

Seroxat iatrogenisis means change at MHRA

Shipman Enquiry Fifth Report

Shipman's former patients go online

Some statistics on Error

Sports medicine treats musculo/skeletal disease- NHS asseses

St Georges publishes death rates by speciality

Star Ratings

Stevenage to raise profile

Stoke Mandeville to be prosecuted?

Strategic Health Authorities (SHA) monitor PPI Forums

Stronger voice for patients

Sunday Times investigates adverse drug reactions

Sugar rich diet produces heart disease

Surgeon told to make patients wait as PCT makes cuts

Surgery Monitor

Surrey & Sussex NHS Trust A&E treat a stroke patient

The killing season 38

The Matron's Charter

The May meetings - who do they belong to?

The problem with CPPIH

Three resign from Camden PCT PF calling for Inquiry

Third of day surgery cases cancelled

Top 50 Trusts in the Patient Complaints League

Trust fined £50,000 for patient scalding death

Two-thirds of hospitals too dirty

UK Euthanasia 18,000 a year?

Umbilical cord synthetic toxins

University of York's 'Health Policy Matters'

US Veteran's Hospital shows us how to do it

Using Private Sector worsens NHS Trust debt

Vitamin D and cancer?

Wait for brain scan or go private

Wanless calls for free basic care for elderly

Warnock backs Mental Capacity Bill

What are my chances doc?

What killed my Dad?

When Forum Members are unwell at meetings

Where is Labour's Health Policy Taking us?

Why did Krista Ocloo die?

Why do 80 trusts have no data access?

Worst Mental Health Trust in the country

Wrong site sugery errors increase


Janet Albu

MRSA Briefing

All London Forum?

"Kafka-esque" investigation by CPPIH

London Region CPPIH

Extracts from CIDAs contract

Choosing Health?

First Public Meeting of University College Hospital Trust Patients Forum

Justice for Patient Forum volunteers

NHS redress bill and Forum Statutory powers

Malcolm Alexander

Ken Livingston supports transitional funding for Patient Forums

The problem with CPPIH

London Ambulance Service PF to consider control of its budget

Malcolm Alexander writes to Private Eye

Forums will stay

Ruth Appleton

Migrant Healthcare

Hilary Barnard

London Forum Consultation

London PF Working Group requests comments

Pan-London Forum Working Group formed

Parliamentry Questions on PF Recruitment

"CIDA has good days and bad days"

The May meetings-who do they belong to?

Jane Barratt

Sports Medicine therapy for Fibromyalgia

Clinical Medicine Creates Unnecessary Physical Disability


Improving post-natal care

Veronica Brinton

Commision for Healthcare to take over from CPPIH?

Paul Burns

One Disenchated View: PPI Convention 2005

Justice for Patient Forum volunteers

Top 50 Trusts in the Patient Complaints League

Mike Cox

PPI reforms threat to rural communities

Donald Espie

Successful PPI Forums

Gerald Gilbert

The Local Community Role in the NHS

NHS Trusts Annual Health Checks–Can PPI Forums rise to the Challenge?

Maurice Hoffman

Strategic Health Authorities (SHA) monitor PPI Forums

Graham Ixer

"Forums will Stay"

Marc Jeffrey

The Way Forward

Bullying as a Public Health issue

Robert Jones

Rights of Inspection and visits: Do councils want LINks?

Ruth Marsden

CPPIH Area Meeting at York: Minister to speak around July 19th?

John Murphy

The Problem with CPPIH

Marl Oley

LINKS Soft Snow on the landscape?

Martin Rathfelder

Health after Blair

Mike Reddin

Commision for Healthcare to take over from CPPIH?

Robin Readmile-Gordon

Surrey & Sussex NHS Trust A&E treat a stroke patient

Redmile-Gordon and the rubber gloves

Paul Tovey

Why I resigned

Janet Upward

Re-examining the Roles of CPPIH and Forum Support Organisations

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Nick Green Editorial and Web support

Experts Write

BMJ Talks

Delivering healthcare in the twenty-first century

Dr Foster survey of performance and services

Enter the PPIFO discussion group

Experts Patients write

NHS quality and performance

"Private complaints and public health"

Search Medical Journals

The Local Community Role in the NHS


8% Overspend at Bedford Hospital Trust

1,107 Operations cancelled

£10 million loan prevents namimg and shaming

£3m waste of space

999 Curbs for Minor Ailments

E. Lancs A&E targets missed

All Cumbria Forums Consulting Patients

Anger at Mayday waiting lists

Barnet PF looks at Trust Books

Bedside phone ripoff

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust demolish treatment centre

Birmingham Councillors agree Home Care best

Birmingham Psychiatric unit closure

Blackpool Ward staff shortage

Brent and Harrow PPIF

Bromsgrove and Redditch Patients' Forum

Calderdale care home Inspections inadequate

Call for more superbug facts

Cancelled operations down

Cancer unit closure shock

Care Home closure anger

Care homes lottery

Carlisle PF on Bugwatch

Charity to relieve bed-blocking?

Consultant hero suspended for Whistleblowing

Cost cutting at Royal Calderdale

Crews reject break pay deal

Cumberland Infirmary goes for "Deep Clean"

Cumria Forums combine

Cumbria PF consult Public in Shopping Centre

Cut visits to reduce MRSA?

Cuts in hospital cleaner

Debt and doubt in Herts

Delayed operations the 'real cost' of cash crisis

Derriford Hospital Clean Up Vow

Derriford Hospital runs out of pillows

A dirty, bloody, health hazard

Dirty Hospitals: the shock facts

Dirty Labs

Dispersal of dementia sufferers

Do you want a surgery here?

Doctors set bad example

Don't move hospital, say Papworth patients

East Surrey PF Work Plan

Epping Forest PPIF

European Patients' Forum linked to Pharmaceutical Indistry

Farcical Consultation

Fears over out-of-hours surgeries axe

Fewer chiefs

First British Medical Association patients' group meets in London

First Public Meeting of University College Hospital Trust Patients Forum

Five weeks wait to see the GP

Forum plans slammed

Forum welcomes Foundation status

Four hours in A&E

Free help to kick habit

Friday working?

Furness PF Hygiene Seal of Approval

GP service reduction in Calderdale

Half Barnet GP surgeries unfit

Hammersmith closes Ravenscroft Park

"Handwash plan to combat "Superbug"

Harry Cayton, Director for Patients and Public at the DoH speaks

Hartlepool battles obesity

Have your say about Whipps

Health bosses examine hospital's plans

Health watchdog quits over focus on 'inane issues'

Health Park in West Cumbria

Help us clean up our act!

Hertsmere PF Surgery Closure

Hewitt's discrete debt visit

Hope at last on dentist crisis?

Hospital cuts visiting hours

Hospitals in star ratings setback

Hospitals under fire over Infection Rates

Hoteliers Health Appeal

Huddersfield Filth shock

Hydrogen peroxide mist treats MRSA

Hygiene Spot Checks

Immigrant Mental Health access

Inspectors to visit mental health ward

Intoxicated Outpatients

Ipswich Hospital PF reviews Emergencies

Ipswich MRSA fight

Ipswich PCT focus on Public Health

Ipswich PF investigates A&E delays

Ipswich shuffles beds

Irresponsible management

Kingston PPIF cleans up

Late night closure for Bartlet Injury Unit

Lewisham Porters Infection Control training exposé

Lincolnshire Patient Forum

Location of Super Hospital

Man, 70, found hanged at hospital

Maternity to be upgraded

Mental health service cuts

Missed appointments

More Members needed!

More Slamming: this time a surgeon

MP vows to save Felixstowe General

N. Wales out-of-hours GP service too remote

NELMHT PF to "Ward Watch"

New chief at Surrey and Sussex

New Hospital for Bracknell

Newquay Hospital -a centre of excellence

No blanket for "frozen" patient

No Sainsbury's needle exchange

Norfolk care homes closure

Northumberland PF survey

Notts MHT bosses leave in funds probe

Ooh Matron! Cleaner success?

Op cancelled four times

Ops in the back of a lorry

Parking charges rise is "diabolical"

Parking fees dropped for disabled

Parking privatised

Patient praises SW Yorks MH Trust

Patients pay more to phone GP

PF praises cleanliness

PF changes the menu

PF holds Public Inquiry

PF not consulted on staff cuts

PF set for shake up

PF thanked for hygiene report

£17.4 million loss at UCLH in six months

Planning Blackpool Health supercentres

PPIF supports 9.4m debt plan

Prisons become PCT responsibity

Rising hospital debt causes patient fears

Royal Free admits hygiene crisis

Royal Free baby unit saved

Royal Free cutbacks kick in

Royal Free pays out 650,000 after routine op death

Saturday Sugery closing in Cornwall

Shock rating in new guide

Slought and Windsor fit and well

South Manchester PF Survey Breast Care

St Mary's Hospital to be foundation? Suffolk Mental Health Partnership PPIF

Stroke recovery ward to good to close

Surgeon forced to quit op

Sutton and Merton PCT PF seeking views

The rot sets in

The problem with hospital food

Think Clean Campaign

Trust under the spotlight

Trust wants to know how well it is doing

Tynedale Maternity Services

Tynedale PFs support Anti-Smoking initiative

Uncontrolled costs of Whittington redevelopment

Walk-in centre open 20 hours per week

Ward phone call cost probe

Watchdogs wanted for health care forums

Watford £13m deficit: two wards closed

West Middlesex Hospital Trust PPIF

West Suffolk Hospital faces £7 million deficit

Westminster deficiency in Dentistry and Mental Health

Wexham Bugwatch targets too low

Whipps hails meeting success

Zero rating for hospital drags down standards