Last update 18th. April 2005


Strategic Health Authorities can help

1. If your FSO has been granted an extension to 31 August 2006, write to CPPIH and ask that your Forum should be included in negotiations. Maybe all Forums with the same FSO should write collectively.

2. North West London Strategic Health Authority asked all Trusts in Q2 2004 to respond to a series of questions regarding PPI based on 'Performance Improvement Framework for Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS' Produced by the Strategic Health Authority PPI Leads Network, Launch version November 2003. See here. There is also an explanatory letter.

CNWL PPI Forum received on request the Trusts return. The Forum have asked to be involved in the next set of returns for Q3 and Q4. It is worthwhile asking your Trust and SHA whether they have used the Framework. You will see what your Trust is saying it is doing about PPI. SHAs have a duty to monitor the performance of PPI. Forums may wish to inform SHAs when there are difficulties with their Trusts that cannot be resolved.

3. If you want to know how well your Trust is performing in relation to targets and finance go to the website of the SHA and look at the Board reports. You quickly find out which trusts are in financial deficit.

4. Have any groups of Forums met with their SHAs? If so what happened? NWL SHA are proposing to have a meeting with Forums in June.

Maurice Hoffman

Deputy Chair

Public and Patient Involvement Forum for

Central and North West London Mental Health NHS Trust