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Manchester Evening News Wednesday 15th September 2004

Dirty wards warning

Rebecca Camber

CLEAN SWEEP: Inspection team member Richard Winterton with patient Gaynor Saville

ONE in 10 hospital wards in the north west are dirty and dusty, says a watchdog group which aims to tackle the deadly superbug MRSA

Last week, 36 hospitals in the region were inspected by the team of members of the public organised by the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Forums which replaced Community Health Councils last year.

Though most hospitals scored highly for cleanliness in the report published today, volunteers found that equipment surfaces in four of 10 wards at Wythenshawe Hospital were dirty and dusty. The inspectors also found dust on bed frames, bed lamps and bed curtain rails in seven out of ten wards at the hospital.

The survey, the largest of its kind in the UK, found that, overall, 88 per cent of wards in the north west were visibly clean and free from dust and dirt.

But hospital staff are still not doing enough to prevent the spread of the deadly infection MRSA, with one in six forgetting to wash their hands between treating patients.


At Manchester Royal Infirmary, only half of the bathrooms were clean and clutter-free, and many wards did not have wipes available for staff and patients to clean toilets after use.

Comments from readers of the Manchester Evening News on the above story:

I will be a patient in Manchester Royal Infirmary from next Wednesday, September 22nd 2004. I will be having a total knee replacement. Still have not received any advice on infections from the hospital.

John Bakewell, Anglesey

15/09/2004 at 14:43

There is a coating based on photocatalytic technology which when applied to any surface kills MRSA bugs in minutes. Why isn't anyone using it in the UK? Photocatalyst website


15/09/2004 at 13:28