Last update 31st. January 2006


Goodby PPI?

Hello Mr Vivian.

In a letter to my MP Richard Bacon, the Minister of State, Rosie Winterton said: `This consultation (Your Health, Your Care, Your Say.) presents us with an opportunity to take a strategic look at patient and public involvement to build on the best work of Patients' Forums and help us ensure that future patient, user and carer involvement, as well as public engagement, is as fit for purpose as possible.

However, in the White Paper: "Our health, our care, our say" resulting from the consultation she referred to, the only mentions of PPI or allusions to PPI are:

7.10 To assist organisations, advice and best practice guidance will come from the new Patient and Public Involvement resource centre, which will work closely with the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and the Care Service Improvement Partnership (CSIP).

7.11 Organisations providing or commissioning NHS or local authority funded care must ensure local people play a full part in the planning, design and delivery of their services. How well they succeed will form part of their overall annual performance rating. Organisations will be expected to provide information on how they engage with the public.

7.12 In taking this forward, we intend to build on our experience since the NHS Plan in 2000. We will build on what works ­ there are lessons to be learned from Foundation Trust approaches, from the progress made by patients¹ forums, from what many non-executives on PCTs have done, from our own Your health, your care, your say consultation and from innovations such as the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence¹s (NICE¹s) citizens¹ councils.

7.13 We are clear that there has to be a means for the collective voice of people to be heard. The public should be able to take a view of health and social care in the round, though we recognise that the local arrangements may well differ between commissioners and providers given their different roles.

7.14 We can see many advantages to strengthening the involvement of the public in the work of the health Overview and Scrutiny Committees (OSCs) in local authorities. Before we can decide on that, however, more needs to be done to map out on a whole-system basis how we can best embed a stronger local voice coherently at every level.

7.15 We are, therefore, committed to completing our existing fundamental review designed to strengthen the arrangements for ensuring a strong local voice in health and social care by April 2006.

And then in the White Paper timetabling:

Review of Public and Patient Involvement By 2006

As an independent NHS User and member of the public I am requesting, in accordance with the terms of Section 11 of the Health and Social Care Act 2001 (the adherence to which was emphasised by Rosie Winterton in her interview by the Parliamentary Health Committee on 26.01.06.), that I am kept fully consulted and fully involved with these changes, proposals, developments, plans and decisions.


Mike Cox.