Last update 22nd. September 2004


Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health

Question No: 1068 / 2004

Darren Johnson asks

In view of the decision to abolish the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health (CPPIH) as a result of its failure to provide adequate and appropriate support for Patients' Forums, will the Mayor back attempts by the Patients Forum for the LAS - the capital's only all-London patients' forum - to obtain adequate funding to enable it to effectively monitor emergency ambulance services for Londoners? Will the mayor agree to raise this matter urgently with John Reid, the Secretary of State for Health?

The Mayor's Response:

It is, indeed, a matter of some urgency that adequate and effective support is made available to ALL Patient's Forums in London.

The funding to provide this support has been made available by the Government via the CPPIH, but these resources are not reaching the front-line.

Although the Government has now made the decision to abolish the CPPIH, it will be some time before the legislation is in place to enact this decision. In the meantime local Patient Forums are paralysed because they do not have adequate funding for administration and appropriate support to enable them to operate effectively to ensure that patients in London have a voice.

I will be writing to John Reid, the Secretary of State for Health, to raise this important issue with him and to ask him to put in place transitional arrangements, which ensure that this funding gets through, immediately, to the local Patient's Forums, so they do not have to wait until the CPPIH is closed.

Ken Livingstone

Sent by Ian Wingrove to Malcolm Alexander LASPF

Research and Support Officer,

London Assembly, Green Group