Last update 8th. July 2004


Copy of Letter to Sharon Grant

Dear Sharon,

The following motion was passed at a meeting of the PF/LAS on Tuesday at City Hall. The motion has been passed to a large number of MPs and other influential contacts.

Very best wishes Malcolm

The Future of Patient & Public Involvement in the Health in the context of "The Review of Arms Length Bodies'

Members of the Patients' Forum for the London Ambulance Service, at their meeting on Tuesday 6th July resolved that:

"The Patients' Forum for the London Ambulance Service calls upon John Reid, the Secretary of State for Health, to take immediate steps to consult with all members of Patients' Forums in England about any proposals in the Review of Arms Length Bodies to abolish the CPPIH, or transfer its functions. We believe it is of vital importance that the NHS continues to be independently monitored by Patients' Forums and that the Secretary of State does not ride roughshod over this new system of public scrutiny and monitoring of the NHS and health care.

"We call upon Patients' Forum members accross the country to unite together, to ensure that any changes to the present system will not be implemented without common consent, after taking into full account the opinions of the 4,000 plus volunteers who carry out the important task on monitoring health care in England"