Last update 15th. May 2004


Email Addresses

Dear Chudi,

You are now doubt aware of the lively correspondence that had been taking place between certain Forum members; and will not be surprised at my active participation. However I find that when I use my 'reply all' facility several messages bounce. I have checked, and my experience is not unique. It would be really helpful if you could: 1. check the accuracy of the addresses (I suspect simple typos); and 2. let me have them divided by Forums. I expect you have set up a reflector for each Forum, so it should be a simple matter.

If anyone prefers not to be included that is clearly their right, or indeed is not on email, it would still be useful to know how many there are on each Forum. For Example on UCLHT Forum you might include: me, Veronica, Imogen, Jessica (email); plus David, Donal, Natasha (no email known or address with-held).

A speedy reply would be very helpful.