Last update 15th. May 2004



I broadly support this view. However, I think it is up to each Forum to take control of how they are run and, quite simply, establish their own 'rules of engagement'. On each occasion when I have come into contact with members of other Forums (for example last Thursday, and at the so-called 'Welcome Days'); I have been impressed with the calibre of many Forum members. Surely it is up to us how we use the FSO? Each Forum will have different ideas and needs: it makes good sense for us to try different patterns; then at a later stage we may be able to establish a 'best practice' policy. A copy of exerpts from CIDA's original contract is available from Tim Modu - or was when I requested it. Friends using other FSO's tell me of problems - in one case a forceful FSO has taken the Chair!

There is much spoken and unspoken criticism of both CIDA and CIPPH; personally I have always made my own comments and criticisms openly to them. There are huge distinctions between pointing out errors (with back-up evidence) and destructive attacks. Realistically changing, say our FSO, now will cause even more delays; the patients have had no voice since the abolition of the AHA's and our first priority should be to fill that vacuum. My own preference is for us accept the rather different priorities of CIDA but insist that they supply the service that we need and are entitled to. Finance is not my thing, but I do want more data on what my Forum is costing: only with information can we make effective decisions.

On another tack. I am compiling a list of forthcoming events of interest to Forum members to go on the website. This to include Forum Meetings in Public and other occasions that might be of interest. Needed are date/time, type, venue and comment.

Good wishes to all,