Last update 24th. August 2006


Making an appointment...

Dear editor,

The NHS Fraud Line only accepts calls from people who are reporting patients who make fraudulent claims.

The new Local Health Boards will only accept complaints if the patient signs up to their procedure, that the Surgery is told of the complaint and allowed to comment BEFORE any complaint is investigated.

Now here is no place in Blair's bountiful Britain for complaints of fraud by the suppliers of services to be investigated.

Under the previous system I could complain, my complaint was taken seriously and the surgery was told in no uncertain terms to change its practices.

After a previous complaint the surgery was authorised to employ an additional locum, was told to set up an appointments system, to have an open telephone line and to cease the following methods of cutting patient contact.

The telephone line to the surgery was and is, after the transfer to Local Health Boards (with no longer a remit to investigate fraud or performance), open for half an hour each morning, at other times there is a recorded message with an emergency option.

The only way to see a doctor is to go to the surgery at 8.30 am and sit and wait then to be told to come back next day.

If the patient asks for an appointment they are told come back tomorrow at 8.30, as they cannot make an appointment for the following day, as the rota has not yet been drawn up for that week (on the Wednesday of the week). Or they cannot enter you on the list as that would be unfair on the patients who turn up at 8.30 tomorrow.

The receptionists say very soon that the lists are full for today but if it is urgent come back at three thirty and wait to be seen.

Wait in a crowded waiting room for hours no consultation guaranteed.

Ask for an appointment with a named doctor no chance as the manager has not bothered to find out which doctor will attend which surgery, and the receptionist has been told not to accept appointments.

Result, as the patient is told that the receptionist is unable to listen to a request to see a Doctor outside of the half hour when the telephone is connected, or the ten minutes after 8.30 when that days lists are filled, NO Patient has been kept waiting to be seen, they have not been allowed to ask to be seen.

I have telephone records of dialing the surgery every ten seconds of the half hour the phones are supposed to be open.

Now the only way to make a complaint now is to sign a declaration that the offending body is told of the complaint BEFORE the complaint is investigated. To me fiddling the performance figures and then claiming the full funds from the NHS is a fraud, a criminal offence, and as such should be treated seriously.

The LHBs are yet another example of toothless oversight normal in Blair's anything goes government.

Yours sincerely,

A patient from Wales

An Official responds and our patient points out

After my telephone call, to confirm that as my complaint does not involve clinical judgements, there is no need to use my name or my medical record, the form has no relevance as the complaint does not relate to clinical judgement or competency.

Under the old system I was able to sort things out, when the system changed they went back to their old ways.

Receptionists, doctors and nurses, first class but the problem is the manager who bullies his subordinates, he and his ethos have no place in the NHS, he should be sacked.

I have talked to him and he sees his only job is to keep the surgery profitable no matter what methods he uses.

Dentists non existent, I have three broken painful teeth. Doctors Surgeries uniformly appalling.

Pembrokeshire Health Service require mass sackings at the middle management level, I do not know how most staff stay in post, their jobs are made needlessly stressful.

An eye test and psychoctive pharmaceuticals, fraud and profits

Our Patient writes to a newspaper:

As part of an eye test I was asked what prescription drugs I was on. When I said none, the occulist said you are rare as a seventy year old woman who is not on drugs.

A doctor prescribed Temazopan to a middle aged friend who lived in an isolated house who needed to drive to take her five year old to school to shop for food with a horses sheep dogs and cats to look after and an open air swimming pool access to which which has to be controlled so that it is not a danger to her five year old.

We visited to find her in a zombie state unable to look after herself or all her dependants.She had inflamed ears a cough and sore throat. She was told to take to the temazopan "to make her sleep".

That Doctor should be struck off. All he was doing was increasing the profit to his practice, by cutting patient demand. The large dose of temazopan made it impossible for my friend to take rational decisions, whether to call her doctor or not.

The privatisation of the NHS is almost complete, Doctors Surgeries will all become stand alone profit generating centers which if they fulfil nebulous targets not independently monitored can retain any of your and my monies paid to them by the Primary Care Trusts and not spent on patient care. In some Surgeries the surplus can be trousered by the partners who own the Surgery. There will be a clear differential between partners who are GPs and the salaried GPs employed by the practice.

With Blair's changes NICE, The National Institute for Clinical Excellence, central control of prescribing is deskilling doctors, dumbing them down by imposed prescibing enforced by financial targets.

The compositon of this so called stand alone independent body with representation from the drugs industry is leading to lowest common denominator maximum sales decisions.

Blair's proposal to compulsory dose paedophiles with Prozac and impose chemical castration will produce an epidemic of offences. Prozac is a "selfish" drug the user withdraws and concentrates on themselves, the history of the Roman Catholic Church illustrates the dangers of imposed castration and chastity. BLAIR must go, he is saddling the UK with problems which will continue to disrupt for generations to come.

His principle of payment by results is a pardise for spivs, fraudsters, accountants and bureaucrats but a nightmare for the taxpayers who are their clients- clients by need not by choice.

New GP Contract: Enhanced Services

Our Patient writes to a colleague:


The 2003 legislation was clearly flawed as claims have been paid out in response to flawed Practice survey payments my GP surgery carried out a patient survey which was biased in the questions asked.

The survey forms were not given out to patients who asked for but only to patients who had been seen by a doctor, who at the end of the consultation told the receptionist to give the selected patient the form. So clearly the responses were skewed in favour of the practice.

Access Plans.

From direct experience at my GP Surgery.

Reasonable Patient Demand.