Last update 3rd May 2004


Inspection: A formal evaluation in which patient requirements, diagnosis, treatment and outcome are examined in detail by a person or group other than Health Service staff to detect faults, violations of development standards, and other problems. Adapted from the Computing Dictionary

Suggestions from the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health for inspection

The Commision recommends visits to:

  1. Hospital wards, include items like bed numbers, single sex provision, admission and discharge procedures, etc.
  2. Outpatient clinics, include items like waiting arrangements, appointments systems, facilities for children, DNA rates, transport arrangements.
  3. For community clinics, day hospitals, include items like opening hours, number of places, activities provided, availability/hours, criteria for attendance, etc.
  4. GP surgery, include items like surgery hours, appointments systems, out of hours arrangements, policy about striking off patients, etc.
  5. Outreach Services, with staff who are not based in a centre, such as district nurses, health visitors, community midwives, school nurses, etc.
  6. Hospital Food Inspection


The Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health may develop these recommendations further in the light of experience and other checklists and would welcome any comments or checklist that you develop to share with others.