Last update 10th. June 2004


Dear Malcolm

I found your letter interesting and it raised for me a number of issues.

The DH will not be making its decision until the end of July and any changes will require legislation. that is not likely until after this government is dissolved (in real terms 3- 5 years before we see any change). Also the CPPI has the same legal status as CHAI in that its a NDPB - an arm's length public body. Both CHAI and CPPI together with the many other NDPBs are been reviewed to save the government £500 million. One has to judge an organisation on its performance to deliver - thus far CPPI has not been very successful as the most important factor of CPPI's performance is in its governance arrangements with the support organisations. This is a curious arrangement and one that I constantly hear is failing patient fora.

I am too new to all of this so may be being unfairly harsh on the support organisations but given the money this government has put in to patient forums, the NHS and government will expect to see a return for its money - this is surely realistic.

I am not sure CPPI is any more independent than CHAI in that they both receive core funding from DH (their pay masters).

Graham Ixer

Great Ormond Street Forum