Last update 15th. May 2004




Scope of work

Local Network Providers (LNPs) will be expected to draw on their extensive knowledge, on their well-developed networks, and on their experience of working within their local communities to support the PPI Forums. These, in turn, will:

  1. Be the main vehicle for the public to influence strategic priorities and day-to-day management of health services in their local area.
  2. Be the independent critical friend on wider health issues in their community, such as environmental pollution.
  3. Review services from the patient perspective and monitor responses from the local health services to complaints.

In order to achieve this, it is envisaged that the work of an LNP will fall broadly into three areas as follows:

  1. From the outset the LNP will be a key enabler of the PPI Forums. It will contribute to the effective operation of knowledge and information management within PPI by enabling PPI Forums to develop networks and by facilitating their access to external information sources. Such sources might include Government information, research, the NHS, Voluntary Groups. An LNP will be an important component of the overall communications strategy by promoting effective communication between external networks, organisations or groups with a health related dimension and with the general public.
  2. Second, an LNP will provide training and development opportunities for PPI Forums, with the specific aims of building local capacity for, and involvement in, informed dialogues, and of developing local expertise in health matters. This might take the form of structured, monitored programmes for the PPI Forums and for individual PPI Forum members, thereby improving their contribution to the PPI Forum and to its ongoing development. In this they will be assisted by the Regional Centres.
  3. Third, an LNP will add value to PPI by supporting the establishment of and recruitment to the PPI Forums, and by meeting their administrative requirements. An LNP will provide, and work from, readily accessible community-based, local premises.

Programme outcomes

The role of the Local Networks will be crucial to the achievement of the CPPIH objectives, and Contractors will be expected to deliver requirements within timescales, and in line woth performance management processes. The broad outcomes of the programme of putting Local Networks in place will be as follows:

  1. A PPI Forum will have been recruited for each Primary Care Trust and NHS Trust by no later than 1 April 2004, and preferably by the end of December 2003.
  2. Regular meetings of the PPI Forums will be taking place by no later than 1 April 2004, and preferably by the end of December 2003.
  3. Administrative and infrastructure support will be in place fully to service the needs of each PPI Forum.
  4. An effective information management and handling system will be in place, fully supported and facilitated by the LNPs, servicing the knowledge needs of the PPI initiative.
  5. Open and effective lines of communication will exist between PPI Forums, and between PPI Forums and the Commission. Strong links will also have been established and developed with external networks, organizations or groups with a health-related dimension, including the continuing development of relations between the Forums and existing support networks. The LNP will have a key role in facilitating and supporting this function.
  6. A widely recognised, well-publicised and easily accessible route will have been established for patients and the public to connect with their local PPI Forums, supported by Local Networks.
  7. Local Network staff and Forum members will have had their training and development needs, identified, and programmes for meeting those needs will be in progress.
  8. A start will have been made to developing local capacity for, and involvement in, informed dialogues within and beyond the health community, to enable local expertise in current health matters to expand.

The requirement

To achieve these outcomes, an LNP will:

  1. Support the Operation of the Knowledge and Information Management by: Enabling individual patients and the public to connect with their local PPI Forums. Enabling PPI Forums to network with one another and with other health-related forums. Arranging and supporting approximately 6 meetings per annum of each PPI Forum...
  2. Contribute to the on-going Development of PPI by:... Contributing to the performance management of the PPI Forums it supports... Maintaining attendance and training records for PPI Forum members. Promoting the open, proactive, interactive and high integrity culture essential to the vigour of PPI fulfilling public sector values...
  3. Support the Recruitment of PPI Forums and Service their Administrative Needs by:... Inviting applications from the local community as a whole for membership of the PPI Forums... Controlling the use of funds by the PPI Forums...

Maintaining a knowledge and information handling and administration system which is used for:

  1. Recording
  2. Codifying
  3. Storing
  4. Enabling and controlling access
  5. Tracking
  6. Assuring appropriate handling of sensitive/confidential material.

Dealing with requests for information...

Ensuring compliance with the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000

Ensuring compliance with Commission policy on Employment Legislation, Diversity, Equal Opportunities and Human Rights.

Ensuring compliance with all primary and secondary legislation.