Last update 15th. May 2004


Re.:PPFI Government vs Public

Dear Hilary,

I have read with interest your recent e-mails. I came into this arena as a lay person and since I have been involved, my reaction is, this is typical Government business. Masses of bureaucracy and paper, bog them down and don't let them loose. The order of the day is "confuse and confound"

I still cannot see why the CHC's were disbanded. Was it because they were doing too good a job? It would seem logical to have built upon the expertise of the staff of the CHC's and moved on from there, maybe changing the structure to fit in with the new idea.

However,now that we are involved, I would like to see the Forums (which is us, the people) flexing our muscles to tell Government what we want, and how we want to do it. After all we are supposed to have the power to change things from our experiences, not from Government thinkingwhich,as we have seen, is totally out of touch with the grass roots.

What is the thinking of other Forums?

Onward and Upwards Brian Godfrey BHE Mental Health Forum