Last update 29th. October 2004


Representing working people

I was a member of a CHC until their abolition, then volunteered for membership of a PPIF. I was interviewed and accepted months ago but as yet there has not been a meeting I can attend.

I was assured that there were some evening meetings, but the first is scheduled for next month. An abbreviated version of a training session is also due to take place next month to accommodate those who, like me, have full-time jobs and so cannot make day-time events.

I am notified of numerous things happening - all during office hours. I have come to the conclusion that the PPIF is organised to suit

  1. the professionals who service it and
  2. the original members who don't have jobs.

This makes the PPIF entirely unrepresentative of public and patients, and surely defeats the government's intentions. I would be glad to know if this practice, which can be called discriminatory, is widespread.

Ann Godden