Last update 29th. March 2007


Setting up an Independent Organization to represent the PPIFs

The Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health (CCPIH) is a government funded organisation which set up the Public Patient Involvement Forums (PPIF).

PPI forums are entirely made up of unpaid volunteers who are not dependent on the NHS for their livelihood.

The PPI Forum Organization is an independent body to support development of PPIF activity and maintain a focus on the key issue of error minimisation in patient diagnosis, treatment and outcome.

PPIFO intends to organize Conferences and tutorials for voluntary forum members and NHS users with talks and seminars by experts to stimulate PPIF policy development.

A governing body for PPIFO will be set up in coming months with representatives of the some 5,000 PPI Forum volunteers served by NHS Trusts around the country

More about joining PPIFs etc.

If you are already a member of a PPIF you can affiliate to the PPIFO. Help, suggestions, criticisms and news always welcome. Contact us now!

Thanks to Hilary Barnard whose letter started this off. Thanks also for the contributions and suggestions that have helped launch us. Welcome to Janet Albu who looked after the Diary, collected contributions and kept us on track and up-to-the mark. Sadly Janet died on 25th March 2007.

Nick Green

Consulting Cybernetician